Young sorceress Pia Morales's powers often manifested themselves as green slime. Shortly after Pia started her first year at Mystik University, a large wad of slime accumulated together and gradually became conscious. The slime contained all of Pia's pain, confusion, and anxieties, and developed a conscioiusness of its own. After sneaking around campus and scaring its residents, it was believed by the students and staff that it had killed a student named Joe (who actually ran away at the sight of it). The slime later engulfed students June Moone and Davit Sargon, but was dispersed by Sebastian Faust using magic. When University Dean Doctor Rose Psychic tried to kill the slime, Pia intervened (since she was psychically connected to the slime), and pleaded to her not to kill it. The slime talked to Rose and explained itself, and (despite the protests of several staff members), allowed it to become a student of magic at Mystik University, where it became known as Plop. When Plop and the others were trapped in Hell as a result of Doctor Occult's cruel plan to kill whichever student was to be responsible for the unleashing of The Malevolence upon the Earth, Plop's body was possessed by the Malevolence and used as a vessel for it to manifest in human form. Plop died when its body was destroyed by Doctor Psychic in order to stop The Malevolence.


  • Magic: Plop is a concentration of Pia's magic powers, and likely has the same abilities as her as a result.
  • Size Alteration
  • Intangibility
  • Able to engulf human beings and transport them within its body for some time without them drowning in him.



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