The Plutonians are the natives of the dwarf planet Pluto.



King Pluto discovered a way to use humans as an energy source during the days of ancient Rome, and his abductions of pretty young women to fill the role while being decorative for his castle resulted in him being mistaken for the god of the underworld. In the 1940s he kidnapped one of the Holliday Girls to use in this way which lead to his downfall at the hands of Etta Candy and Wonder Woman, though Wonder Woman did bring him a dynamo so that he could generate power without continuing his tradition of humans sacrifice.[1] In the '50s the Plutonians formed an alliance looking for vengeance with Duke Deception of Mars and the Emperor of Saturn to attack Wonder Woman and Earth.[2]

Centuries later in 2150 the ruler of Pluto was caught by Astra of Transvideo News when he attempted to usurp the earth's orbit as it would be make his planetoid more industrious and prosperous.[3]

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