Poprocket was a young metahuman abducted for the Dark Side Club.

Very little is known of Poprocket's history, save that she was one of several young metahumans chosen to participate in gladiatorial combat at the Dark Side Club. Poprocket fought against the new Star-Spangled Kid and kept the kid off his feet through short, controlled bursts of super-speed. Ultimately though, the Star-Spangled Kid turned the tables on Poprocket and defeated her. After the battle, she was subjected to the Clock King's brainwashing implants.


  • Energy Generation: Poprocket generates a form of energy that she uses as a source for the subset of powers she possesses.
    • Speed Bursts: The primary use of her ability seems to be that Poprocket can launch herself across short distances at superhuman speed. She glows with an energy aura as if she is charging up and then bursts into movement. This ability is not superhuman speed in the traditional sense, but in many ways it functions as super-speed. Her bursts of speed seem to launch her in a straight line, similar to her namesake. She can use this speed burst ability multiple times in a row, but she has to pause and reposition herself so that she can launch herself in a new direction.[1]
      • Flight: When she launches herself like this, Poprocket is flying through the air. It is unknown whether she needs to touch the ground before launching herself again or if she could do multiple bursts to fly through the air.[1]
    • Energy Transference: Poprocket can place her hand on a target and have the energy she produces transfer to that target and launch it/him/her in the opposite direction of her palm. Essentially, she can forcibly make others undergo her speed burst ability for a short distance, similar to herself. She has used this ability to touch a person's back and launch him forward.[2]
    • Explosive Strikes: While not to the same degree as fellow Dark Side Club contestant TNTeena, Poprocket does seem to be able to use the energy she generates and stores to release a small explosion from her fists whenever she strikes someone. In short, whenever she uses her speed bursts to launch herself at an enemy, she can punch the target and cause a small concussive explosion that gives her strikes more impact.[1]
    • Energy Projection: Poprocket can project the energy she generates in the form of energy missiles that essentially look like a barrage of pop-rockets. These missiles explode with great force, with both concussive energy and heat. Poprocket seems to have some control over the direction the missiles travel.[3]



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