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Quote1 There he is... The Positive Man! A destructive force which was once-- human! Quote2
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Positive Man was once an alien scientist who blew his planet up while creating a doomsday bomb.

The explosion transformed him into an immense energy being made of positive ions. Envious and jealous of all living beings, he wandered the cosmos, destroying inhabited worlds.

When Positive Man headed towards Solar System, Supergirl was called by the Legion of Super-Heroes to the 30th Century to stop him before he reached Earth. Supergirl saw him deliberately wiping out a planet merely by passing through it. Although her invulnerability protected her from him, she couldn't seize his intangible mass either.

However the same explosion that gave birth to Positive Man also affected a wild animal, turning it into a Negative Creature made of negative ions. Supergirl tracked the Negative Creature down and baited it into colliding with the Positive Man. As a result of the fusion of opposite energies, they cancelled out each other.[1]

After several reality-altering cosmic crises, a different Supergirl fought the Positive Man again.[2]






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