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Post-Zero Hour is the possible future in which the second incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes takes place.


When the original Legion was wiped out during Zero Hour,[1] the 30th Century was completely rebooted.[2] This possible future lasted for 10 years, until it was destroyed by time rifts created by the Persuader's Atomic Axe breaching multiple realities.[3] This led way to a third incarnation of the Legion. When Alexander Luthor manipulated the Multiverse during Infinite Crisis, the Post-Zero Hour future appeared as the alternate Earth-247.[4] During Final Crisis, its Legion has reappeared once again to team up with both other Legion incarnations and Superman against Superboy-Prime and his Legion of Super-Villains.[5]



  • Legends of the Dead Earth and DC One Million, other possible futures of the DC Universe, are both functions of the Post-Zero Hour future.
  • Earth-247 was destroyed in the second Crisis though the Legion of it still existed and was looking for survivors of long dead parallel Earths.[5]

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