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The Power Company was a corporate superhero team in San Francisco run by Josiah Power.


Josiah Power was one of America's best lawyers until his meta-gene was triggered during the alien Invasion by the activation of the Gene Bomb. Following the untimely public activation of his metagene in the court room, attorney Josiah Power was dismissed from his law firm. Power had little interest in becoming a traditional costumed hero, but it became readily apparent that he could not continue to practice law without undue public attention. He capitalized on his professional experience to organize a for-hire team of heroes much along the lines of a law firm which became known as the Power Company. Their very first mission as a team was against the East Asian criminal organization known as the Black Dragon Society. They successfully defused a hostage situation initiated by the Society and returned to their base of operations.

The Power Company went unnoticed for many years, until the Crime Syndicate of Amerika attacked a S.T.A.R. Labs facility in San Francisco; the Power Company is shown and described to have been defeated.[1]

Members of the team have been seen as active since then. Skyrocket was recruited by Oracle to halt the Society march on Metropolis during the Infinite Crisis, and was later kidnapped by the alien known as the Auctioneer. Witchfire is a regular at the Oblivion Bar, and she brings Bork along as a bodyguard.

Sapphire was abducted and became a combatant in Dark Side Club. After being rescued by Miss Martian and brought to Titans Tower with the other survivors, she leaves, referring to the Power Company as "forgotten, but not gone".

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