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"Tapestry": Power Girl is talking to her liaison with the Justice Department Larry Gonzalez regarding Force, whom she captured one week ago. Unfortunately, they have no clues as to who Force is or who he is workin

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Power Girl

Power Girl #2 is an issue of the series Power Girl (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1988.

Synopsis for "Tapestry"

Power Girl is talking to her liaison with the Justice Department Larry Gonzalez regarding Force, whom she captured one week ago. Unfortunately, they have no clues as to who Force is or who he is working for, but Larry assures they'll not stop searching leads. Power Girl is frustrated because she can't do anything about the fact that someone sent Force after her and can attack again at any time. She takes off, feeling upset and weary because she has spent one whole week taking care of emergences as her personal life is in shambles, what with Starrware Industries and her friends' lives falling apart.

On the way to her office, Kara gets into a fight with another villain sent after her, Hydra. Hydra can control the movement of any fluid and attacks Power Girl with ruptured water mains, detached fire hydrants and gas lines. However, Hydra cannot defeat Power Girl, so she covers her tracks and makes her escape. Kara starts suspecting her enemies' abilities are magic-based.

Power Girl changes to her Karen Starr civilian guise and makes it to her office Starrware Industries. Her lawyer Andrew Daper warns Karen that board member Harlan Brooks has called for an emergency meeting regarding Karen's fitness to run her company. Karen knows Brooks intends to get her replaced with someone he can control in order to sell Starrware Industries, and she gets incensed. She refuses to let someone take her company away from her, but she will have to work hard to convince most of board members.

Later Karen goes back home and runs into her friend Liz Joyce. Liz tells that her car was stolen and destroyed, and on top of it, she's being audited. Carrie Phillips hears their conversation and talks them into going out and getting their minds off their troubles. Karen doesn't believe she can relax, but she goes along with it.

Karen and her friends go to a nightclub, but all of sudden another villain named Hurricane turns up, looking for Power Girl. Kara changes clothes and engages him. As battling, she deduces her mysterious enemy knows about her Karen Starr secret identity. However, Hurricane can't beat Power Girl, so he teleports away.

From Darkworld, Weaver monitors Power Girl, feels her inner turmoil and fear, and grins.

Kara changes back to Karen and goes for a night walk. Since her enemy knows her secret identity, she guesses he is somehow responsible for her and her friends' bad streak. She bumps into a man named Mongo Krebs. Mongo points out she shouldn't wander alone at night, no matter how tough she claims to be, and suggests that going to his martial arts academy might help her learn self-defense as well as getting over whatever is visibly eating away at her. Karen politely turns down the offer.

Walking home, Karen is assaulted by another villain. Pyro launches streams of flames at Kara at the same he gloats about his power, but then he abruptly vanishes.

Feeling aggravated, Power Girl flies back home, feeling her unknown enemy's plan to drive her crazy is definitely working. Then she checks her answering machine and finds out her office building got burned down.

Kara gets frightened because of her mysterious enemy who she doesn't know how to fight against but will hurt anyone to get her. Not knowing what else to do, she decides to accept Mongo Krebs' offer.

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