"I Don't Know Your Name (But you look really familiar)": Somewhile ago, Max Lord talked Dr Sivana into helping him replicate a Kryptonian.

Quote1.png I remember. I know who wrecked my company. I know who murdered Donna. I know who's hidden from the entire world. His name is Max Lord. AND I REMEMBER. Quote2.png
Power Girl

Power Girl (Volume 2) #18 is an issue of the series Power Girl (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 2011. It was published on November 17, 2010.

Appearing in "I Don't Know Your Name (But you look really familiar)"

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Synopsis for "I Don't Know Your Name (But you look really familiar)"

Somewhile ago, Max Lord talked Dr Sivana into helping him replicate a Kryptonian.

In the present day, Power Girl faces a black-haired clone of herself called Divine above an Antarctica secret research facility. Power Girl engages Divine, but her clone is just as powerful as her. Power Girl tries to exploit her greater combat experience and training, but Divine punches her through the Antarctic soil and into the secret facility, where Power Girl discovers a cloning lab full of rejected copies of herself.

As both super-beings continue fighting, Power Girl demands answers, but Divine knows nothing other than she is supposed to fight. Their battle is interrupted when both women are hit by a high-intensity red solar energy blast fired by Divine's boss. He sends his henchman Crash into the radiation blast to rescue Divine. Crash asks if Power Girl is dead, but his boss states they have no enough time to kill her without Kryptonite, but thanks to Divine he has a live Kryptonian's DNA to work with. The man takes his helmet off and states that everything is going just as planned. Kara sees his face and hears his name is Max and wonders why she feels it is important.

The villain trio teleport away and the facilities' self-destruct mechanism is activated. As they leave, Power Girl sees a Kord Industries sign and memories of Ted Kord's murder at Max Lord's hands flood her back. As Kara struggles to get back up again, the facility blows up, but Power Girl emerges from the crater with her memories intact.


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