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Praetor Lemnos was a member of Terror Firma, a team that fought the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Lemnos was born with a psionic handicap that corrupts others memories. Any trace of his presence was eliminated when he left a place. He has said that he had to stay in his parents line of view or they would forget to feed him. But in that age (the 30-31st century), nobody could remain completely undetected. The Science Police worked hard to catch him and force him to tell them about his means of cloaking. But Lemnos escaped by simply make the policemen forget about him. Lemnos has also made the largest personal fortune in known space, by taking actions without having to take responsibility of his actions. Lemnos has also helped the Legion of Super-Heroes by, for example, making the United Planets turn a blind eye were it's needed, and making the UP give people unlimited teleportation rights etc etc. Lemnos shares the Legion's goal of breaking free from a emotionally and mentally repressive society, but Lemnos is more willing to take extreme actions to make his will reality.

Lemnos eventually grew tired of not getting the credit for his actions, and he engineered the Orando genocide and planned to cause galactic wars in secret. He was about to let the Legion win over the armies, but manipulate people's memories so the he would be remembered as the savior of civilization. But Brainiac 5 eventually remembered what Lemnos had tried to do to Colu - erase the entire population's memories - although it failed, Lemnos couldn't alter Brainy's memory anymore, and his existence was outed to the Legion. The Legion won over both Lemnos armies, and Lemnos himself. Lemnos is currently held in stasis in Brainiac 5's lab.



  • Power Limitation: Lemnos can only disappear from memory. Should he be detected by any other means such as scent detection he could easily be found.



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