Pretty was an enemy of Mother Panic.

The boy that would one day be known as Pretty was once just a kid that got swept into the "experimental" school known as Gather House in Gotham City. There, he was experimented on to become the most beautiful person possible through plastic surgery, one of his surgeons being Suditi Varma. However, the constant surgeries ended up being a failure, and the boy was left with a hideous, uncanny valley, mannequin face. The boy managed to leave the school and grew up, despising Gather House and all the staff that tortured him while he was there.

Calling himself "Pretty", the boy set his sights on getting revenge on one of Gather House's associates - Ashley Layton. After blowing up the science museum where Ashley was speaking, Pretty came face-to-face with the vigilante Mother Panic, who also was a victim of Gather House. Together, Pretty and Mother Panic caused an explosion at Layton's business - Laytech - and rode off into the night to get their revenge together.[1] However, when Pretty suggested that their next move against Layton should be to kill the man's son, the partnership was quickly ended. Pretty would go on to detonate a bomb in Layton's limousine instead, killing the man for good.

Wanting to continue his revenge streak, Pretty rediscovered Doctor Varma, one of the surgeons that experimented on him at Gather House and one of Mother Panic's allies. When Pretty made a move on Varma, threatening her to fix him, Pretty came into conflict with Mother Panic. The fight was ended when the Ratcatcher sicked his army of rats on Pretty, letting them eat his face into a further disgusting mess. Ratcatcher was then instructed to bring Pretty to Arkham Asylum.[2]



  • Monstrous Appearance: Pretty was experimented on while trapped at Gather House to make the most beautiful person possible through plastic surgery. However, the experiments failed, and the boy known only as Pretty was left with a Frankenstein's monster of a face. After he was mauled, Pretty's face became bloody and torn.
  • Mental Illness: Because of all the trauma caused by Gather House, Pretty has lost his mind and will do anything to hurt those associated with his former school.[3]



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