Quote1 Am I not a loathsome sight? Quote2
Preying Mantis src
The Preying Mantis was a criminal who operated on the island Santo Lorenzo in the Caribbean.

He is a man whose appearance heavily resembles an insect, and the reasons for this are not known. Plastic surgeons were unable to fix him, so he decided to hide his 'ugliness' and live alone on an obscure island. He is an expert martial artist, and he claims to have learned entirely by watching insects battle. This is supposedly how the first martial arts were started, according to legend. To survive, he began terrorizing tourists and the local populace as a fearsome robber. Barney Ling of the agency G.O.O.D. sent Ben Turner, Lady Shiva, and Richard Dragon to take him down. Dragon was able to defeat the Mantis in physical combat.[1]


  • The insect his name is based on is actually called a "Praying Mantis."



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