Quote1.png The Howler? The host of a malefic evil, conjured by shamen in epoch primeval -- A fierce beast-essence from some dark, bloody plane -- An unreasoning hate -- The Primal Entity came! So awful its power no mortal, at least, can hold it for long without turning to beast! Agonized, tortured, driven insane -- The victim must get the Entity out of his brain! Quote2.png
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The Primal Entity was an enemy of Etrigan.

Long ago when mankind was still young, early shamans summoned an uncontrollable beast-spirit those with knowledge of the supernatural would later refer to as the Primal Entity. The mindless Entity possessed its first mortal form, transforming the victim into a ferocious werewolf. The witchdoctors sealed the monster in a cave hoping it would never escape.[1]

Eric Shiller

Thousands of years later, an archaeologist, Eric Shiller, was exploring an ancient cave system when he encountered the Primal Entity which possessed his body, cursing him with the bestial transformation. He roamed the Transylvanian duchy of Trollsac which was eventually liberated from the tyranny of the Iron Duke by Merlin and Etrigan. The night Jason Blood was planning to leave the duchy behind, the haunting howls from the forest caused the villagers to panic in fear. Blood listened to stories of the mysterious creature the locals referred to as the "Howler" as they barricaded the building. Blood ventured out regardless and was ambushed by the Howler who marked him as his next host. Though Etrigan kept the creature at bay, Eric Shiller continued to follow Blood, eventually confiding that the Entity would not give up unless the demonologist performed an exorcism. The ritual was interrupted, and the Howler fell to Shiller's death in the streets of Gotham City. The first bystander to come to his aid was tragically infected by the undying Entity.[2]

Professor Puckett

The bystander was Chris Puckett whose curse soon manifested under the full moon. His brother was a professor of biophysics who sacrificed his home and career working tirelessly to find a cure. From an abandoned engineering works, Professor Puckett not only tried to contain Chris, but a multitude of others that had been infected over a twenty year period.[1][3]

One night, when the Howler Chris escaped the secret lab, his familiar cry alerted Jason Blood to the danger of an old enemy and summoned Etrigan. The Demon, who had made a pact with Jason to be benevolent at the time, rescued Robin from the Howler. The creature slipped into the sewers, so Etrigan and the Boy Wonder worked together to track it down, without success.[1] After separating, Etrigan's keen sense of smell led him to the Howler's den where he tried to take on the entire pack single-handed. He was bludgeoned unconscious and Puckett hoped the Demon's inhuman blood might hold answers to a cure. The experiment was halted before it began when Batman and Robin crashed the scene. The Howler brood was too much even for Gotham's greatest heroes, but fortunately, thanks to her stubborn nature, Glenda Mark stormed through the doors with the arsenal of weapons and massacred all of the Howlers.[3]



  • Diminished Intellect: The Primal Entity is a beast-spirit driven only violent survival instinct as are the Howlers.[3]
  • Fire: Howlers are frightened by fire.[2]



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