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Prince Charming is the original Prince Charming of the legends, married (in order) to Snow White, Briar Rose and Cinderella.

Unfortunately, he may be very good at the seduction and the wedding night, but he is simply no good at all at making a relationship work. While he can set himself a goal, and do whatever is necessary to gain that goal (normally a woman), once he has it, he doesn't know what to do with it.

Prince Charming married Snow White, having been genuinely in love with her for a while, but was eventually unfaithful to her with Rose Red, Snow's sister. Rose Red, bitter after believing Snow abandoned her, seduced Prince Charming to ruin their marriage. Snow divorced him, and he married Briar Rose, divorced her under unrevealed circumstances and finally marrying Cinderella. During this period, Charming's land and castles in the homelands were swallowed up by the Adversary's forces, leading Charming (with Cinderella in tow) to seek refuge and escape at the Last Castle. Being a married man, Charming was allowed to leave the castle before the final stand – but apparently divorced Cinderella soon after they left the Homelands.

Charming, for reasons unknown, refused to remain in Fabletown, settling in for a long wander around the courts of Europe. He finally ran out of credit there and returned to Fabletown – just in time to be a suspect in the murder of Rose Red. Charming wasn't the murderer – seeing the murder never really happened – and had little involvement with the case; apart, of course, from being tricked into providing the money needed to mend the damage.

Charming remained in Fabletown, perhaps to spite Snow White, and ended up taking a position of responsibility after the revolt on the Farm. Charming served as judge on the trials after the revolution had been quashed by Snow White, and then became involved in Bigby Wolf's attempt to prevent a journalist from exposing the Fables to the world. Charming, having settled on a political career, started a long-term plan to bring down Bluebeard and claim some of his riches – a plan that resulted in Bluebeard's death at Charming's hands. Determined to claim some of the riches, he put himself forward as a possible candidate for mayor of Fabletown; challenging the VERY-long term incumbent King Cole.

As if this wasn't enough trouble for the inhabitants – who were promised endless and free magical transformations by Charming, who didn't bother to check if this was possible – the forces of the Adversary invaded Fabletown. Charming, who had some military experience, helped to lead the defenders on the streets and fought bravely against the army of Wooden Soldiers. Despite being saved, along with everyone else, by Bigby, Charming continued his campaign to be mayor - finally winning the election. His first attempt at acting on his campaign promises proved to be a total disaster – it turned out that the witches of Fabletown couldn't handle such a large number of transformation spells.

Despite some assistance from Beauty (the new deputy mayor) and the Beast (replacing Bigby as sheriff), Charming's first year in office bounced from crisis to crisis, from an invisible murderer to an invasion by Arabian fables. Charming was almost totally ineffectual during this crisis; saved by King Cole and Frau Totenkinder. His only good decision of note has been to send agents after Bigby Wolf – who was needed for a strike back into the Homelands

In effect, as Beauty describes him, Charming has a very short attention span. When he sees a target, he will do whatever is necessary to gain it, but once he has it – he's at a loss for what to do next. As a Mayor, Charming is hopeless. His is a shallow personality – with little thought for anyone, beyond himself.


  • Immortality: As a Fable, Prince Charming is effectively immortal, with a lifespan going back several hundred years.



  • Inability to remain faithful: Charming while very good at achieving virtually any goal he set for himself, finds it difficult to maintain that goal once he has it.

  • This character is an adaptation of Prince Charming, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at Wikipedia.org.


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