Quote1.png That's all I get, an "Oh, you"?! My life is over because of you and those things. You... do you have any idea... you ruined my life! Quote2.png
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Priscilla Kitaen was a reluctant Black Razors operative with shape-shifting powers.


Priscilla was abducted by Daemonites one evening as she was jogging. The aliens experimented on her because they believed humans could hold the key to their own survival. She awoke from her induced slumber, and somehow managed to escape her containment tank. Overhearing the aliens' motives, she knew she had to escape. On her way out, she discovered more prisoners, but could not free them. Having to escape alarmed guards, she discovered her new powers, and was appalled by them. However, they proved vital in her escape. After she escaped the alien ship, she had to fend off several elite guards, but was aided by Black Razors.[1]

Rather than return her to safety, the Razors placed her in a secret facility to perform tests on her. In the mean time, the Daemonites had created a clone of her, which proved more controllable and took over Priscilla's identity.[1] Knowing she was the best weapon to stop the rogue clone, Razor operatives Black Jack and Jessica Fallon decided to free her.[2]


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  • Power Limitation: As she is untrained in using her power, she has difficulty maintaining one form for a longer period of time.[2]



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