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Priscilla Kitaen is a pop singer using the stage name "Voodoo".

An incident involving her and a stalker made the front page of a newspaper.[1]

There are suggestions that Pris views her work as significant. Some of her songs reference conspiracy theories (for example "Blue Book").[2] Others, more intriguingly, contain genuine details of actual secret goings-on (the video for her song "Incision", for example, contains several references to the "Incision" project of Skywatch, the secret space program, which was a significant event in the life of Adrianna Tereshkova).[3]

Voodoo refers to her pop career as "The Working", and is actively interested in Fortean occurrences.[4]


  • Voodoo's tattoos:
    • on her right arm, a coiling green Chinese dragon on a background of leaves, which coils around the arm
    • on the backhand side of her left wrist, a line of different symbols that look like stars
    • on the inside of her left forearm, the phrase "natus ad currere", a Latin mistranslation of the English phrase "born to run"



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