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Private H.I.V.E. was a student of H.I.V.E. Academy.

Private H.I.V.E. joined the Brotherhood of Evil in hopes to destroy the Teen Titans. However, the Titans defeated all of the villains and cryogenically froze them all, including Private H.I.V.E.

Some time after the great battle, H.I.V.E. escaped his freezing and recruited himself for the Lanista. Private H.I.V.E. immediately climbed the ranks, after fighting many heroes the Lanista fooled into hiring themselves to him. H.I.V.E. gained the favor of the crowd by defeating Pantha, Gnarrk, and Kole. General Immortus, who was in the crowd, was impressed with Private H.I.V.E.'s skills and began considerations for recruiting the army brat himself.

The Teen Titans eventually found their allies location and arrested the Lanista, but Immortus and Private H.I.V.E. managed to escape capture temporarily.[1]

A while after that, General Immortus uses Private H.I.V.E. and a bunch of Slade's Commando Robots to distract the Teen Titans. Private H.I.V.E. invades the Titan Tower, but is captured. General Immortus then leaves Private H.I.V.E. there and captures the Titans Go-Bot 5 and uses it to attack the Titans, capturing Raven and Robin, but then Private H.I.V.E. took him down because of his betrayal and Robin told him to stop following others since that had not worked so well and find his own path.[2]

Some time after, it is revealed that Private H.I.V.E. (now naming himself Sergeant H.I.V.E.) created his own academy, the Army Brats, taking homeless and runaway kids that had been bullied and exploited and training them. In their graduation day, they attacked the Titans, trying to divide and conquer while Private H.I.V.E. exploited that as an opportunity to take Titans Tower and make it the Army Brats new headquarters, but is stopped by Robin, who is stuck at the Tower because of chicken pox.[3]



  • H.I.V.E. Shield: Private H.I.V.E.'s shield is his signature weapon. The shield has a boomerang effect where, when he loses it, it spins around and returns to him.[1]
  • Smoke Canister: H.I.V.E. keeps canisters of smoke with him to make an easy escape if neccessary.[1]

  • Originally, Private H.I.V.E. and Kyd Wykkyd seemed to alternate being the fifth member of the H.I.V.E. Five. Eventually, Billy Numerous became the permanent fifth member, replacing them both.
  • General Immortus was Private H.I.V.E.'s inspiration and mentor.[1] However, since Immortus sacrificed Private H.I.V.E. to the Titans in order to make his own escape, this admiration has ceased.[2]



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