Private Warr was a member of the the Paladins.

Not much is known about Private Warr except that he serves both as a crime-fighter and a soldier during World War Two. The American government, however, notice that Warr's personal assault rifle (which awfully appears to be a modernized assault rifle) is very unique from their known cataloged weapons, and even from those of the Axis', including their prototyped weapons. General Zebulon McCandless, an associate of the Paladins, strongly suspects Private Warr to be a time traveler and that reason is how he possessed his firearm.

Private Warr, his allies and other metahumans were unwillingly abducted into the Number of the Beast program from the site of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing. After more than sixty-years Warr and the other prisoners have been living in a virtual system fighting other supervillains that were also interred into the simulation, and facing the biblical End of Times. When the High was introduced into the program, Private Warr and the other Paladins were misinformed from the Eidolon that the High was responsible for the Apocalypse and fought him. Warr and his allies were eventually 'killed' by the High, in which he and his allies were freed from their VR imprisonment.

After the Paladins and the others were freed and realized their situation Private Warr primed the Number of the Beast Bunker #1 with explosives. However, Warr couldn't initiate the bunker's destruction due to the arrival of the Authority.

After the Earth's cataclysm, Private Warr was separated from his team and his status remains unknown.


Private Warr is a skilled soldier and possess further knowledge of 'military assets'.


A modernized assault rifle



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