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Probert was a temporary member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Probert was recruited by a Guardian of the Universe to take care of Kkrudd, the Green Lantern of his sector that abused his power. Probert rejected the offer, saying he doesn't wear rings, but accepted the job nonetheless because Kkrudd kidnapped his girlfriend. Armed only with a gun, Probert stormed into Kkrudd's castle and confronted the rogue Lantern. However, Kkrudd's power forced him to retreat, and Probert stumbled into Kkrudd's power battery. Probert managed to make the battery give him some power, and he used it to defeat Kkrudd, cutting off his ring-finger and putting an end to his oppressive authority. The Guardian returned and took Kkrudd to custody, but also took the ring and battery, leaving Probert without power and keeping his services on retainer.[1]

Probert was a friend of Graf Toren and Darkstar Colos. When the renegade Hal Jordan turned against the Corps and killed a number of Green Lanterns, Toren was among his victims. Probert found Toren's body and took care of his "last wish to ignite his path to his ancestors."[2]

Probert crossed paths with Guy Gardner again during the war against the Tormocks. Together, they brought an end to the Tormock threat in the universe.[3]






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