Quote1 The world is three-fifths water, Flow. Whoever rules the water... can rule the world! Quote2
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Professor Bubbles was an enemy of Batman.

Before turning to a life of crime, Professor Bubbles was the chief scientist of "Operation: Sunspot" until he was sent to jail for trying to steal the plans for his own evil purposes. Eventually he escaped prison and with the aid of his henchman Flow, he tamed a giant shark he dubbed Shark Tooth and built his own underwater hideout within the Bermuda Rectangle where he hoped to sink enough ships and gather enough equipment to rebuild Operation: Sunspot, a weapon which he would use to melt the polar icecaps in order to flood the world and force the surviving population to live in his newly created underwater empire, where he would reign supreme.


  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Sea Life Control: Professor Bubbles was able to tame a giant shark which he nicknamed Shark Tooth and trained it to understand his commands perfectly. Shark Tooth's size was tremendous, rivaling that of a sea freighter. However its main weakness was that it would take orders from anyone.



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