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Prohl Gosgotha was the Green Lantern of Sector 1417, the predecessor of Sinestro.

While patrolling his beat he was attacked by a Weaponer from Qward.

Locked in mortal combat, Prohl was pushed to his limits and mortally wounded. He landed on the planet Korugar at the feet of Sinestro. Prohl reached out to the man and asked for his help, giving him his Green Lantern Ring and warning him of the danger.

Sinestro was able to defeat the Weaponer by locking him in an underground cavern and collapsing it in. Sinestro returned to Prohl just in time to rescue him. But as Prohl lay dying, asking Sinestro for his ring back, Sinestro simply watched the alien die at his feet and flew off to embrace his new power.[1]







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