Princess Projectra is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Projectra was the princess of Orando, the richest planet in the known universe. She possessed no superhuman abilities and her membership in the Legion were based on her father financing them. After Terror Firma destroyed Orando,[1] she became severely depressed.[2] At the sight of the captured Elysion, she saw that he was wearing Brin Londo's coat, and figured that he was either dead or captured.

Projectra convinced Cosmic Boy to allow her to be among the group of Legionniares who infiltrated Lemnos' base of operations.[3] There she demonstrated her inherited ability to cast extremely realistic illusions, by entering Brin's highly guarded cell without anyone there taking notice of it, even though the surveillance were electronic and not purely human. During the battle between Lemnos' armies and the Legion, Projectra created the illusion of a big dragon, overwhelming the armies with fear, giving the Legion better odds.[4]


  • Illusion Casting: By speaking a series of magic spells, Projectra can project illusions. These are not hypnotically induced visions, but rather real projections that everyone present can see. She has created illusions of terrifying giant birds that can scare even seasoned warriors, and giant gripper vines or monstrous space serpents. She can also create an illusion of blinding light. The people that Projectra is targeting do only see what she wish them to see. These illusions also affect electronic devices.
  • Magic



  • Sensory Flawed: While extremely realistic, her illusions can only be seen, not heard, felt or perceived by any other sense but sight. Her illusions are most effective if the subject is not aware they are illusion; even so, the subject is constantly challenged to overcome their sense-stunning realism.
  • Non-Selective Illusions: The Princess' illusion power is not selective, in that everyone present will see it and that it cannot single out any one particular individual in a crowd, unless her power is intensified by a telepath, Saturn Girl for example.[5]


  • She is currently romantically involved with Brin Londo.



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