"Moon River": At a comic shop in Malkuth, Stacia buys a copy of the .

Quote1 Great. We'll see everywhere outside our imaginary realm. Quote2
Sophie Bangs

Promethea #14 is an issue of the series Promethea (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2001. It was published on April 25, 2001.

Appearing in "Moon River"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Malkuth
  • River Styx
    • "The Nancy Nox" (a houseboat on the Styx)
  • The Kabbalah Rail Station



Synopsis for "Moon River"

At a comic shop in Malkuth, Stacia buys a copy of the Fantastic Art of Grace Brannagh.

Meanwhile, Charon takes Promethea to a "Houseboat on the Styx," where Sophie's great, great-grand uncle is. Mr. Bangs takes Promethea up to a moonscape where she finds Barbara talking to her late husband. They then walk through Yesod to the lunar realm, ending up at the Kabbalah train station. The two women board a train which will take them on to to the solar realm.

Back in Malkuth, Stacia manages to turn into Promethea after painting a picture of her.

To be continued...


  • The cover is illustrated in the style of artist, Virgil Finlay.
  • Writer, Alan Moore and artist, J.H. Williams, can be seen greeting one another at The Kabbalah Rail Station. At the same station, Rick Veitch gives directions to Promethea.


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