The Promethean Giants are beings who tried and failed to breach the Source Wall to discover the mysteries of the cosmos. For their hubris, they were left embedded in the wall or floating through space, chained to enormous rocks, living on such a vast scale that it takes a billion years to feel a single heartbeat. Many of the giants are shattered, but still alive, able to reach out with their thoughts to other beings, mentally crying out in humiliation. Metron would contemplate the giants on occasion. Some giants had been there so long, primitive vegetation grew on their suspended forms.

Powers and Abilities


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Average Strength level



Unable to move


Habitat: Space
Gravity: Zero
Atmosphere: None


  • In New Gods #1, Jack Kirby states that the Promethean Giants enlarged themselves in their attempt to smash through the Source Wall, but failed. In Gerry Conway's later run on the series, he states that the giants were enlarged to their current size and frozen in time as punishment for assaulting the Wall. Conway also refers to the giants as gods, while Kirby does not specify their nature. According to Swamp Thing (Volume 2) #62, at least some of the giants were once gods of New Genesis.
  • In Kirby's New Gods, the Promethean Giants are portrayed as floating in space near the Source Wall. Marvel and DC Present #1 by Chris Claremont was the first story to show the giants embedded in the Source Wall itself, a portrayal that has stuck in most portrayals of the Wall afterwards.

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