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Quote1.png I'm Prometheus, god of forethought. And this is where you lose. Quote2.png
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Prometheus is a villain who uses a helmet to download skills and abilities of his opponents.

Prometheus shows up to torment Midnighter using stolen technology from the God Garden that he sells to various individuals around the world. In addition, he has got hold of the Gardener's secret files on Midnighter's true identity and origin.[1] When confronted by Midnighter, Prometheus uses God Garden technology to block Midnighter's tactical computer, eliminating the edge Midnighter has in analyzing an opponent's fighting techniques. Prometheus also reveals that he has downloaded all of Midnighter's own skills into his brain to use against him.[2]

Pretending to be an ordinary man, he uses the alias Matt Dell to seduce and have a romantic relationship with Midnighter to achieve their goals.[3]

Attack on the Justice League

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Prometheus allies with Afterthought and attacks the Justice League of America.[4]






  • Energized Nightstick[3]
  • Neuron Nuke[1]



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