Proteus is a Kheran Shaper Warlord from the Shaper's Guild that served as a mentor for Warblade during his visit to Khera. With his knowledge, Warblade became much more highly skilled in the usage of his abilities and the connections to the Shapers of the Guild. According to Warblade, Proteus actually visited Earth at one point and served as the inspiration for the shapeshifting Greek God, Proteus.[1]


  • Kherubim Physiology: As a Kherubim Shaper, Proteus is a rare type of "Enhanced" Kherubim, with abilities far beyond those of the average member of his race.
    • Bio-Morphic Liquid Metal: He is essentially a bio-morphic being possessing the ability to assume the properties of a type of biomolecular, high-tensile metal that he can manipulate into objects of various sizes, shapes, and density for a variety of uses. Primarily, as per his namesake, he forms bladed weapons out of his fingers and arms yet is quite capable of forming shields, hammers, and other basic shapes and properties.




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