McKlusky and Garcia lands on a taxi and are still follow by the hunter. The two continue to flee from it until it is then killed when a speeding firetruck hits it.

Prototype #4 is an issue of the series Prototype (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2009.

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Robert Cross
  • Ella Garcia
  • McKlusky

Supporting Characters:

  • Peter Randall


  • The Infected
    • Hunters
  • Blackwatch

Other Characters:




Synopsis for the 1st Story

McKlusky and Garcia lands on a taxi and are still follow by the hunter. The two continue to flee from it until it is then killed when a speeding firetruck hits it.

Meanwhile, General Randall orders Captain Peter Cross and his men to capture "Zeus" (Alex Mercer) at all cost as he is the only chance of containing the infection without resorting to "extreme measures." Cross understood his commands, and assures him that they will capture Mercer no matter "how big the landscape is."

In a flashback to Robert Cross' first experience with the infection began during Operation Ice Storm in 1998 Antarctica. Cross leads a Blackwatch team into a underground town called Springfield. He explains to his men that during the Cold War, Springfield housed Russian defectors and prisoners of war - primarily scientists and KGB agents. At the close of the Cold War, none of the people, including their families, were allowed to leave. Three days ago, the government lost contact with Springfield's lead scientist, Dr. Mathieu Doublet, and the entire town has been quiet. The entire operation was to see if there is any certain kind of resistance(s) and eliminate it.

Once inside, the Cross' team find the entire town eerily deserted. The Blackwatch team is then divided into Rio and Bravo team to comb the town. Cross, in Rio team, discover a unnatural large excrement and expected that Springfield's zoo animals are loosed. One of his men pointed out to him that given his experience in the wilderness, he have never seen an excrement this large.

Outside, Rio team is attacked by infected parrots, killing one of Rio team. Rio easily dispatches the birds with their flamethrowers. Cross then attempts to contact Bravo, but only to be cut off by a mutant tiger and jackals. Rio dispose the animals, and Cross orders his men that the entire town is compromised and have them to place C4 charges at the infrastructure focal points to destroy the entire town. Rio races back to Bravo and only find them dead and devour by infected lions. Cross then decides to use Springfield's main building that powers the town's gas and electricity to be exploded and hopes that it would create a large fire to destroying everything and that anything that survives would freeze to death without electricity. As Rio heads to the building's subbasement, Cross expresses that he never seen anything like this and expects that the animals are subjects to a kind of experiment. Rio sets up the charges and suddenly beset by infected wolves. Cross and two others survive and attempt to escape back to the elevator. As they reach to the elevator, the three are attack by lions, leaving Cross the only survivor.

Cross reaches to the surface and is awaited by General Randall, whom Cross demands him what is going on. The general explains to Cross that everything has been an initiation for him to join Blackwatch and welcomes him to the organization, which Cross then detonate Springfield.

In the present, Garcia resolves that given everything that has happen, she insist to McKlusky that they must leave the city. McKlusky disagree and focus on finding the cause of everything and tells Garcia that she can leave the city without him. Once they reach their car, a military helicopter shines it's spotlight on them, and the pilots demands them to exit the vehicle as they are under arrest.


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