Pru is a trained assassin who has worked as both killer and vigilante.

She was trained in the League of Assassins under Ra's al Ghul. However, she later switched allegiances to Tim Drake who she owed her life to. This happened when her partners Owens and Z were murdered by the Council of Spiders member Widower.[2]

Prudence was working in Uruguay when she learned of a tournament of assassins and followed the trail all the way to Amsterdam, where she helped Red Robin fight the Council of Spiders. However, as she teamed up with Red Robin and the mysterious Insider, she was also informing everything to Ra's al Ghul.[1]



  • Guns, loaded with rubber bullets and tasers.
  • Prudence is not given a last name in her comics appearances. However, creator Christopher Yost has confirmed her full name as "Prudence Wood" on Twitter.[3]
  • Prudence is attracted to Tim Drake, shamelessly flirting with him. Indeed, her first words upon seeing him without his shirt on was "bloodly sexy."[4]



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