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Psi-Phon was an alien enemy of Superman who, along with his partner, Dreadnaught, pretended to be a herald for alien invaders.

Centuries ago, a massive alien ship crashed on Earth and over tima became buried under thousands of feet of earth. Above this buried ship, located in Wyoming, an U.S. Air Force base was built, and when it started operating, the electromagnetic emanations from the installation awakened the ship's pilot from suspended animation. The pilot, a gigantic armored being nearly seventy-five feet in heigt, seized psychic control of the base's commander and began seeking ways to re-energize his ship. To that end, he had created Psi-Phon and Dreadnaught and sent them out to acquire a power source. But away from the pilot, the two had become increasingly independent. The pilot had been forced to creat Petlin and send her to collect his errand scouts.

Psi-Phon and his partner Dreadnaught took a scout ship and, after crash-landing in Metropolis's West River, claimed to be an advance team for an alien invasion of Earth. From a place of hiding, Psi-Phon began observing Superman in action, placing mental blocks in the hero's mind that rendered the Man of Steel incapable of using his powers. Dreadnaught fought Superman and forced him to flee. But Superman soon learned their deception, and defeated Psi-Phon by bringing the Justice League, causing Psi-Phon in pain from maintaining the blocks on so many super-beings. The final blow was delt by Clark Kent, who, powerless, equipped a force field belt enginered by Emil Hamilton. They admitted defeat and faked their suicide to escape.[1]

The two aliens appeared again in Kansas determined revenge against Clark Kent for their shameful defeat. Their plans were interrupted by the appearance of another alien craft bearing two energy beings and the alien Petlin, who claimed to be Dreadnaught's mate. She told Superman she had come to Earth to find her errant husband. She dismisses as fabrication the story of Psi-Phon and Dreadnaught being the vanguard of an invasion force. Superman allowed Petlin to collect the two and depart. Their ship, however, instead of returning to their homeworld, returned to the secret underground base in Wyoming.[2]

Back under the pilot's direct control, Psi-Phon and Dreadnaught soon located and captured a new power source: Green Lantern Hal Jordan. With Green Lantern secured within the alien ship, the pilot began to tap the hero's Power Battery. With the last bit of energy in his power ring, Jordan sent off a call for help, answered by Superman and Guy Gardner. Together, they discovered the alien ship, incapacitated Psi-Phon and Dreadnaught, and freed Jordan. Superman managed to make peace with the alien pilot. The three heroes then helped him free his ship and sent him on his way. Psi-Phon and Dreadnaught departed in the company of the pilot.[3]




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