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Psimon was the leader of the Fearsome Five, a group of known troublemakers that often come into conflict with the Tiny Titans.


Psimon came across Captain Marvel, Jr. and wanted a shirt similar to his. Freddie explained that his shirt manifested when he activates his powers. Psimon tried to access the power of Shazam, but ended up deciding to just buy one instead. Afterwards, he asked to join the Shazam Family, only to be told he also needed a cape. Unfortunately, the store was out of Captain Marvel brand capes.[1]

Return to the Treehouse

In order to earn their Brainiac Club shrinking badge, Psimon and Brainiac 5 decided to shrink Titans Treehouse and bottle it. They even trapped Beast Boy, Raven, and Terra within their base. When they were confronted by other Tiny Titans, Raven took the opportunity to enlarge herself and her compatriots. Luckily for Psimon and Brainy 5, they escaped before Raven could restore the tree house.[2] Brainiac attempted to cover for them, only to be confronted by the Justice League. Batman forcefully took the tree house from them and then threw the delinquents into detention.[3]





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