The teenage hackers known as the Psyba-Rats earned their keep performing industrial espionage.


When one such assignment in Gotham City went awry, their client shot and killed Megabiter and Output. On the run, the teens got caught up in an otherworldly conflict. Venev, one of several Bloodlines Parasites who came to Earth as a prelude to an invasion, attacked and bit the remaining trio, causing the activation of their metagenes.

A man named Branchwater hired the Psyba-Rats to retrieve the fabled formula for Zesti Cola and when problems arose, causing the loss of Channelman - although his body died, his essence freely roamed the electromagnetic spectrum. Razorsharp briefly left the Psyba-Rats to become part of the short-lived Blood Pack, but she soon returned to her original team.


  • Robin Annual (Volume 2) #2 shows a computer readout of the Psyba-Rats membership roster that includes another hacker named Cullen Thane aka Output.

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