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Dr. Psykho is a mentally-empowered criminal and operator of the gambling den The Palace of Sin.

He had affiliations with the late Lutor, who entrusted the amnesiac Diana to him. Psykho was curious as to Diana's origins, and the valuable secrecy surrounding her led him to try to divine her origins through hypnotism, but without any success. He had Diana work as an exotic dancer at his gambling den in the meantime.

When one of the den's patrons, Steve Trevor-son, attempted to free Diana, Psykho and his henchmen captured him in the act and planned on torturing him in front of Diana to break her mental conditioning. Instead, he was interrupted by the Cheetah, who had come looking for Diana, but managed to subdue her. Psykho then used his mental power on Cheetah to learn the truth.

Eventually, Psykho learned of Metropolis's foundation by Jon Kent and Lutor, and of Paula von Gunther, who had left and created the flying city "Heaven", where she used her knowledge of genetics and the genes of the Earth animals she saved to create her own race of beast-like Amazons. Diana was Paula's perfect clone, which made her valuable in saving the Amazons from their genetic fragmentation. Psykho then realized he shared common interests with Cheetah, and made a deal with her: he will give her Diana if she kills the Super-Man so he can rule Metropolis.

After Cheetah left, Psykho tried to kill Trevor-son, as he now has no use for him. However, Trevor-son restored Diana's memories, allowing her to become Wonder Woman and decisively defeat Psykho. Following Cheetah's defeat, Psykho was incarcerated at the Cabinet of Dr. Wayne-son, where he was last seen cheating during a game of canasta with the inmates.




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