Pulsar Stargrave was a Coluan enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes who claimed a connection to Brainiac.

Stargrave first appeared observing a confrontation between the Time Trapper and five Legionnaires.[1]

He then tried to convince Brainiac 5 that he was his father.[2] He claimed that he was transformed by aliens and the power of an exploding sun. He confessed that he had once been an ordinary mortal scientist who was studying a star when his life support failed. This placed him in a drug-induced suspended animation. He was then found by aliens who teleported his "corpse" into a nearby star at the moment of a super-nova. His mind fused with the exploding plasma and the supernova apparently collapsed into a pulsar with a living heart.

Stargrave sent Brainiac 5 to Zerox to steal Mordru's power, but once he arrived on the Sorcerors' World, he was told by the Star Stone that Stargrave was, in fact, Brainiac One—Superman's foe from the 20th Century. When Brainiac 5 heard this, he swore revenge on Stargrave and threatened to kill him.[3]

Stargrave's next plan was to reactivate the ancient Coluan computers that allegedly created him and turn the Coluan people into slaves.[4] He failed, and Superboy and Wildfire punched him into the sun.

It was also revealed that Stargrave was the true killer of a woman named An Ryd, even though it was an insane Brainiac 5 who framed Ultra Boy for the crime.[5]

When the planet Bismoll went to an all-computer world system, it attracted the attention of Stargrave. The only heroes Senator Tenzil Kem (formally Matter-Eater Lad) could call upon was the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Stargrave is eventually destroyed when Stone Boy is dropped on the android's head, splitting him in two.

Pulsar Stargrave (Pre-Zero Hour) 004

Stargrave's ignominious defeat.


  • His true identity is unknown. He claimed to be Brainiac 5's father, as well as the original Brainiac (Superman's foe).
  • The character Mr. Starr, the embodiment of the Computer Tyrants' minds into a physical soul, was believed by many L.E.G.I.O.N. readers to be Pulsar Stargrave.



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