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Quote1 Punch and Jewlee. The only man ever escaped this prison, and the reason he escaped Quote2
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Punch is a criminal and an inmate in Arkham Asylum. He is also the lover and partner of Jewlee. He had once worked under Bane but since then had betrayed him.

I Am Suicide

Two years prior to the formation of Batman's Suicide Squad, Punch was imprisoned at Santa Prisca, separated from his beloved Jewlee. After escaping, he drugged Commissioner Gordon, disguised himself as him, and snuck into Arkham Asylum to reunite with Jewlee, much to her jubilation. Batman knew this beforehand, planning on recruiting him for his Suicide Squad as he was the only one to escape Bane's clutches. It was revealed that some time ago, Punch had betrayed Bane and thus was imprisoned by him, but with his determination to go back to his love, he escaped and went back to Gotham City to wait for an opportunity to break into Jewlee's cell, a feast of love that impressed even Batman. Upon reunited with Jewlee, Punch promised to her that they would soon be together and the two joined Batman's suicide mission to Santa Prisca.[1]

Punch's role was to act as a prisoner of Bronze Tiger along with his beloved Jewlee. Bronze Tiger brought them to Bane under the pretense that Punch was a gift in exchange for Bane's aid in killing Batman. Before entering the Santa Prisca's prison, Punch revealed he knew about Bronze Tiger's addiction to venom. During the mission, Batman's group gets apprehended by Bane, and he and Jewlee are supposedly killed by Catwoman, and their bodies were sent to the incinerator.[2] It turns out however, this was all a ruse and their wounds were expertly disguises. After covering themselves in a sort of flame-proof bubble gum, they escape the incinerator unharmed in a raft also created from bubblegum. For their service, they were given some time off of their sentences, as well as being able to see each other once a month.[3]


  • Deception: Punch was able to follow Batman's plan to put on a facade and fool Bane and other prisoners in Santa Prisca to believe he was betrayed by Catwoman and killed.[2]
  • Disguise: He is a master of disguise, disguising himself as Commissioner Gordon to bypass Arkham Asylum's security. He was also able to fake scratch marks on his neck.[1]
  • Escapology: Punch managed to escape Santa Prisca, a prison that not many are able to escape[2]
  • Gadgetry: He used gadgets to aid him. He was seen to use a flame proof bubble gum that turned itself into a raft. [3]



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