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Quote1 You know, my new friend, Punchline... she might just be the funniest gal I've ever met in my life. She knows this trick with a rusty saw that really puts the boys in stitches. If they survive of course. Quote2
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Punchline is the Joker's new right-hand woman.


Alexis was a student of Snyder College. She was infatuated with The Joker and eventually came into contact with him through the internet. He taught her how to create Joker Venom, which she used to experiment on the homeless community. Following a Joker attack in Gotham City, Snyder College hosted a superhero spirit day, with Alexis dressing with Joker logos. The dean went to talk to her, but she exposed him to Joker Venom, completing her transformation into Punchline.[1]

Road to Joker War

Punchline was hired as a new underboss by The Joker in lieu of his coming war against Batman after Superman revealed his identity to the world as Clark Kent, and Joker decided that a final battle with Batman using his secret identity in play will be fun.[2]

Punchline at first was assigned for a stake-out on Catwoman who had gone to dig a Joker-lookalike corpse, not knowing it was one of his gang member Artie, after The Designer sent a message to Selina. She informed the Joker about her and Harley Quinn having found Artie's body, but he stated it's okay as he had to meet a few people first.[3]

During Lex Luthor's battle against The Batman Who Laughs, Punchline held Mercy Graves hostage while Joker dealt with Lex for using the help of the Dark Multiverse's Batman despite his warnings. Joker however let both go, stating it was a joke all along while Lex got what he needed.[4]

She encounters Catwoman and Harley Quinn while working with Underbroker and fights the latter.[5]



  • Punchline's creator James Tynion IV revealed her last name was "Kaye" in an IGN interview before it was officially confirmed within a series. [6]
  • James Tynion IV has stated that she is intended as an anti-Harley Quinn, being a silent and intimidating serial killer and the fact that the Joker seems to actually care about her.[7]



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