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The Puppet King was a mystic villain of unknown origins. He sent the Titans miniaturized marionette versions of the real heroes as a mail order package. That night, The Puppet King broken into the tower and using his controller, tried to steal the souls of the Teen Titans, then put them into the marionettes. The soulless husks their bodies became would forever become his slaves, and the puppets in question would be destroyed with a special ceremony.

Despite being successful in stealing the souls of the boys, Raven managed to interfere with the transferal of her and Starfire's soul. Unfortunately, the results caused their souls to go to the wrong bodies. Raven was now in Starfire's body, while Starfire was now in Ravens. Being their abilities were based off the opposite emotions the two expressed frequently, neither could successfully use the powers of the others. After an undisclosed time, Raven and Starfire managed to get better control over their abilities. Using this, they saved the boys and destroyed the Puppet King's controller. Not only did this reverse all the soul transferals, but also turned Puppet King into an ordinary puppet. After his defeat, the Puppet King's body is shown displayed in the evidence room of Titan's Tower throughout the series.

Due to an unexplained reason, The Puppet King was shown revived and joined the Brotherhood of Evil.


  • Magic
    • Soul Absorption: Puppet King can absorb souls into his specially created puppets. If a soul is not absorbed into said puppets, it takes the quickest body available.[1]



  • Puppet King's Magical Control Bar



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