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The Purple Pilgrim was an enemy of Hawkgirl.

In 1631, a sorcerer came to the township of Hidden Valley in the Massachusetts colony. Though initially presenting himself as a simple pilgrim, he proceeded to use Hellish magic to cow the townsfolk with fear as he murdered their neighbors. It took until 1632 for the townsfolk to break free of his threats, capturing him and dragging him before a judge, Ely Sanders, who sentenced him to death by burning. As he was dying, the man the townsfolk knew only as the Purple Pilgrim swore vengeance upon the family of Ely Sanders.

When he died, he went to Hell, but he eventually gained access to the libraries of Hell, which gain him enough power that he eventually escaped to the mortal world, to continue his vendetta against the descendants of Ely Sanders - including Kendra Saunders.

He struck when she was in a hospital, boasting of his inexorable advance and his undefeatable power. However, but he soon discovered that Kendra had the weaponry of Hawkgirl, which was enough to make him retreat.



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