Pyotr Roslov is the illegitimate son of Joseph Stalin, and the head of the Russian NKVD and later the KGB.

Pyotr was responsible for ordering the execution of a young boy's parents, who were allegedly accused for printing anti-Superman propaganda, causing that boy to become the masked anarchist fighter known as the Batman. Pyotr had aspirations of being Stalin's successor, but was unsuccessful, due to the arrival and subsequent appointment of Superman as the party's leader. Very resentful and jealous of being overshadowed by Superman, Pyotr eventually had Stalin secretly poisoned.

Years later, Pyotr had been a secret liaison of the American CIA and Lex Luthor, and plotting for Superman's downfall. Fate lead to him being allied with the Batman in arranging a trap for Superman. However, the trap was foiled and Batman committed suicide to avoid capture, but not before revealing to Superman about Pyotr's role. He was punished and lobotomized as an obedient drone known as a "Superman Robot."

  • Pyotr is based upon Superman's childhood friend Pete Ross.



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