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Pythia is an Amazon warrior.

Julia Kapatelis

In June 1937, an infant Julia Deneiros was swept overboard in the Ionian Sea. Tethis and her Nereids rescued the baby and, as was their wont, brought it to Paradise Island. The Amazons raised her back to health, and Pythia volunteered to offer her back to the sea goddess. With this ceremony, a psychic link was established between the two.

Almost fifty years later, professor Julia Kapatelis visited Paradise Island as part of Hippolyta's outreach efforts. The two felt they were linked, and rejoiced at seeing each other again. They formed a close friendship.[1]

War of the Gods

Circe and the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall started a war against Wonder Woman and the Gods of Olympus. She had Doctor Psycho kidnap Julia. Pythia donned the Sandals of Hermes to travel find her. They brought her straight to Circe's South American hideout.[2] After killing several Bana guards, she freed Konrad Kaslak and Julia. Her psychic link was strong enough to break the illusions Doctor Psycho had placed on his prisoner.[3] She also freed Timandra, Epione and Mnemosyne, Amazon scholars who had been captured during a diplomatic mission at the start of the conflict. She flew Julia and Epione to safety, with the other two covering their escape on foot.[4]