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The Qeelocke is small cat-like being native to the Damocles Universe.

He found Roxy's leather jacket a suitable place to hide from One-Eyed Jack's crew at a San Diego nightclub. The bounty hunters seeking Qeelocke worked for Damocles, the extra-dimensional being who sought to destroy this universe in the "Fire from Heaven" incident. It was also sought by the tall, handsome guy who flirted with Roxy and was later revealed to be Trance, the leader of the Freak Show. Trance needed Qeelocke for revenge against Damocles or, failing that, to escape the coming destruction. With its little "Queep" and "Vroot" noises, it instantly charmed it's way to Roxy's heart. What Roxy didn't know was that her new, adorable pet was a powerful inter-dimensional traveler. Only Mr. Lynch was quick to recognize that this creature, coveted enough to kill for, must have extraordinary abilities. Since then, Qeelocke has become a valued member of the team. When the team found themselves in serious trouble with Trance and his demented army, Qeelocke came through for them and unlocked a portal, bringing through another ally, Anna, their android housekeeper. However, they didn't completely comprehend the extent of Qeelocke's powers until the Fire from Heaven event. When the impending doom of Damocles threatened the future of their planet, Qeelocke was able to transport the heroes to the rescue on the moon. Qeelocke played an important role in the battle against Damocles, after which it mysteriously vanished.

  • Qeelocke is named for a Lockheed, an alien being known to the X-Men (with the order of syllables reversed). Lockheed was also very important, and also adopted by a teenaged superhero.
  • Qeelocke is a pun on "key lock".