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The Quadrant was a large and secretive criminal organization that spanned the entire United States.


The Quadrant consisted of four central leaders, each of which controlled a different corner of the country. Ricardo Diaz, a Star City crimelord, discovered the existence of the organization, and wished for a spot amongst the leadership. Diaz contacted Eric Cartier, son of Quadrant leader Remy Cartier, proceeding to do a favor for him in exchange for a meeting with the Quadrant. Eric betrayed Diaz, attempting to have him killed, but Diaz anticipated this and wore a bullet-proof vest, surviving the attack. Diaz tortured Eric and discovered where the Quadrant was meeting; Diaz strapped Eric with bombs and blew up their meeting location as Diaz finally wound up face-to-face with Quadrant leadership. Diaz proposed ownership of Star City in exchange for having a seat at the Quadrant's table. Upon their decline of the offer, Diaz killed Remy and forced himself in to the vacant seat.[1]

Diaz worked closely with Quadrant leader Lydia Cassamento in Star City to establish a primary point for shipping out weapons. They ran into trouble with local gang the Scorpions as well as the Outsiders.[2]

As Diaz grew more power hungry, he also grew paranoid after a member of his team supposedly betrayed him and warned Oliver Queen and his allies that an attack was coming. Anatoli Knyazev, the traitor to Diaz, convinced Diaz the betrayal came from Lydia, who Diaz proceeds to kill. The other members of the Quadrant, Dragos Ibanescu and Cyrus Broderick, express their unhappiness with Diaz, but Diaz murders Dragos as well. This leaves Cyrus no choice but to remain allies with Diaz.[3]

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