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Quote1.png My race is far above yours, Mystelor, I cannot lower myself to your level Quote2.png
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Quanto is a member of the Taurus Gang a group of criminals who are the enemies of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

He is a being from the dimension of Cintos who the natives exist as beings of pure light energy. He was a very confused youth, and his elders sent him to Earth's dimension to find some purpose in his life by helping humans, who the Cintosians considered lesser beings.

He took a human form and the Science Police Chief Zoltorus was able to convince him to become a part the Taurus Gang. He became part of the gang's super powered elite, alongside alongside Black Mace, Rogarth, Mystelor, and Shagrek.

He cared little for the harm the Taurus Gang inflicted, as he was above it all. Mystelor, who felt very out of place in the gang, felt an attraction for Quanto and often turned to him for help fending off the unwanted attentions of Shagrek. But Quanto professed to be uninterested in lowering himself to dating a Human.

When the Legion infiltrated the gang he noticed a change in Mystelor, though he did not realize that she had been replaced with a disguised Dream Girl. Quanto found this new Mystelor to be troubling and intriguing.

When Dream Girl's real identity was revealed during the Taurus Gang's capture, Quanto decided that he had misunderstood his mission. He now believed that the aid he was meant to give was helping Mystelor and the gang to become better people. Dream Girl allowed him to escape with her blessing, so that Quanto was able to rejoin his fellow super-agents. Quanto and Mystelor are now peacefully traveling the United Planets together. 


Cintosian Physiology:

  • Light Absorption: Quanto has the ability to absorb light, storing it for later uses. Once his body absorbs sunlight, he can direct the energy to rearrange molecules into any form, matter or energy.
  • Light Processing: He can also produce light from his own body which powers light projection and flight
  • Flight: Quanto has the ability to fly, without artificial means. Require only minimum power and subliminal thought.
  • Energy Projection: The ability to project rays, beams, and bolts of destructive light. Require only minimum power and subliminal thought.
  • Light Energy Conversion: Capable of converting his body completely into light energy.
  • Light Energy Manipulation: No physical harm can come to him in this form.
  • Accelerated Healing: This process can be used to heal damage.
  • Light Speed Flight: As pure energy, he can travel at the speed of light and cross space unassisted. He could fly to an imperiled gang member, transform them to light, and fly the two of them away before anyone could even think of catching them.



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