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 The Quantum Mechanics were a race of cosmic beings who were born after the occurrence of the Big Bang and traveled the cosmos in search of divine enlightenment.


As an ancient and highly advanced race that had never worried about mortality, the beings realized that they were finally dying out. Out of fear of their own mortality and their inability to conceive of an afterlife, the Quantum Mechanics sought to construct a perfect version of the afterlife for themselves by creating and sending thousands of agents to study the various cultures of species within the universe and gather information about each respective version of afterlives. However, despite the desire for spiritual closure by most of the race, there exists a splinter group of Quantum Mechanics who believe their race should not involve themselves in the concepts of lower mortal species and should face their end with pride and individuality. The ancient beings abducted planet Earth as well as hundreds of other worlds that they had been studying to create their own ladder to heaven and managed to cross over into a higher plane of existence as a result of the assistance by the JLA.

Powers and Abilities


Possessed of virtually god-like powers and intellects, the Quantum Mechanics are capable of practically any feat that their imagination can conceive, including teleporting entire worlds half-way across the universe.[1] Some include:


Level of Technology:

Highly Advanced

Cultural Traits:

Technological society devoid of any spiritual of belief systems

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