Quote1 You know, I had a daughter who looked just like you, with similar compulsions. And I expunged that filth from my family line forever. Quote2
-- Sturmbannführer src

The Sturmbannführer was a high-ranking member of the Nazi Party. He was in charge of prison camps and the execution of residents from Earth-1. The Sturmbannführer later encountered the Earth-1 Oliver Queen, masquerading as the Fuhrer. To test Oliver's true identity, the Sturmbannführer brought out an Earth-X prisoner, the doppelganger of Felicity Smoak, and ordered Oliver to kill her. Oliver refused, and knocked out the Sturmbannführer and his guards. The Sturmbannführer returned later leading his troops in an effort to stop the Earth-1 heroes from returning home, and was foiled yet again, but escaped alive.




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