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Quote1 Living in this city, dealing with what we're dealing with right now? We're all desperate. We've all been made to do desperate things. Terrible things. But I got to believe that we are not beyond redemption and I got to believe that this city can still be saved. 'Cause once we stop believing, that's when this city really dies and us, us, right along with it. Maybe, just maybe, we start saving our home by saving ourselves first and that means facing up to our mistakes. That means facing justice. Quote2
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Quentin Lance is a detective for the Starling City Police Department, and the father of Laurel and Sara Lance.

When Sara was killed in the Queen's Gambit crash, Quentin was not able to grieve in a healthy manner, and this cost him his marriage. Consequently, he threw himself into his work, growing estranged from Laurel. When Oliver Queen returned to Starling City alive, Quentin was immediately suspicious and resentful. Quentin disapproved of vigilantes, so when "the Hood" began his crusade against Starling City's corrupt elite, Quentin set out to capture him. Despite some early signs that he might see the vigilante as a necessary evil, Quentin's obsession with capturing the Hood had apparently intensified to the point that he was willing to use his own daughter as bait.

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Other Characteristics

  • Heart Condition: As a result of injuries occurred while fighting Slade Wilson's army, Quentin suffered a heart attack and subsequently developed a heart condition. He takes pills for his condition.
  • Alcoholism: Lance had a drinking problem after Sara's presumed death and admitted he began drinking again after her actual death.[2] He started having that same problem again after Laurel's death.



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