Quentin Taylor was an overweight rapper and artist. He lived at home with his mother and sister, Sherlynn. One night, after a fight with his mother, he mysteriously disappeared from his bedroom. His abduction coincided with a series of anomalous readings picked by Department PSI. He reemerged two weeks later, genetically altered, with a strange marking on his back. With the help of Backlash, PSI managed to coerce the confused teen into admitting himself for tests. The main argument Backlash used resulted from their confrontation, where Omni nearly killed his friend, and scared the hell out of his mother.

He followed Backlash's training at PSI, where they discover the nature of his powers. Later, he was in the first wave assault against the resurrected D'rhan in the sunken city of Atlantis. Quentin soon later quit government service.

World's End

After Armageddon, Quentin was heeded to the call in UnLondon during Earth's war against the Knights of Khera, where he killed/destroyed the cyborg Rodrigo and battled against the Majestic-level Kherubim, Lord Sebastian. However, he was soon beaten by Sebastian and was follow after by Apollo of the Authority, with similar results.[1] Fortunately, Quentin quickly recovered and again fought Sebastian with Fuji.[2]


Telekinetic Fields: Omni's powers come from genetic manipulations done by aliens. They manifest as a telekinetic field. It gives him incredible physical power, an instinctive protective field making him invulnerable and the ability to fly.


  • Artistry: Quentin is a skilled visual and performing artist.

  • His current physical shape is thought to be resulting from his subconscious. He always suffered from his overweight former constitution, and idealized this body builder's appearance.



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