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Brainiac 5 is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who has a tendency to put plans into motion without consulting the Legion's leader, Cosmic Boy.

Brainy's greatest pleasure is reminding the other Legionnaires of the fact that he is considered a prodigy in a world of super-minds, at every turn.

Brainy has also invented the flight ring technology.

Querl has at different times made attempts to usurp the Legion leadership from Cosmic Boy.

Brainiac 5, in a manner different from earlier renditions of the character, develops a close relationship with Dream Girl, who once stated that they would wed some day in the future. At first, his attention consists of anger towards her powers and their unpredictability, but it develops into a close relationship and Brainiac 5 becomes infatuated with her and becomes truly caring. Brainiac 5 is visited by Lemnos, a space criminal who has the power to make you forget him completely. Brainiac 5, doing justice to his name, sends himself a picture of Lemnos so that he will never forget his face.

Brainiac 5 then takes a team of Legionnaires to his home planet of Colu. Upon their arrival, they find that something is very wrong. All of the Coluans have had their brains erased... Brainiac 5's entire race has been turned stupid. Brainiac 5 visits his mother only to find her mind has been wiped as well. A monster attacks and during this attack Brainiac 5 discovers the true cause of the genocide of his race... Lemnos. Brainiac 5 sees his face and remembers their entire encounter the first time. Lemnos escapes for now.

Brainiac 5, after broadcasting a conversation between Cosmic Boy and Sun Boy, causes a fight between The Legionnaires on his side and Cosmic Boy's squad. Cosmic Boy is called back to his home planet and Brainiac 5 assumes leadership of the Legion. Before Cosmic Boy can get there, Terra Firma attacks Helegyn and Cosmic Boy returns to the Legion to help defeat Terra Firma and capture Elysion. Brainiac 5 accepts this and they move forward as allies.

When Dream Girl was crushed to death by Elysion, Brainy places her body in stasis, hoping that he one day will find a way to resurrect her. She appears in Brainy's dreams for awhile. Later, he clones Dream Girl's body, and she returns to it from the subconscious state after Brainy meets with her and proposes. When she's finally back in her physical form, Brainy and Dream Girl tell the other Legionnaires that they are getting married (this is at the end of the war with the Dominators).





  • Brainiac 5 is also known as Brainy.
  • According to Lemnos, "Querl", means "Idealistic" in Coluan.[1]
  • While Brainiac 5 possesses a great intellect, memory and scientific knowledge, he is still limited by his human creativity and ability for original thought.



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