Quote1 I've been told that someday I'll answer enough questions to get the answer to my own: WHO AM I? What is my true name? Until that day comes, I am the Question. I am the man with no face. It's a terrible thing to be. Quote2
The Question src

When magic was first harnessed by humans on Earth, the first magic users saw it as their duty to protect the Earth and humanity from those who would seek to harm it. These seven wizards of the Rock of Eternity summon before them the three worst sinners in Earth's history for judgment. The Trinity of Sin as they come to be known consist of a girl named Pandora, the man who would become the Phantom Stranger, and the Question whose sin has yet to be revealed. The Question is punished second after the Phantom Stranger and defies the wizards and the power that they claim. He says that if they do not kill him he will rise to power again and the wizards and the world will fear his name. The wizards then erase his name from his memory and the memory of the world and erase his facial features. He is then cursed to wander the Earth constantly questioning everything and seeking answers he will never find. [1]

Centuries later, he is still wandering the Earth but is now dealing out vigilante justice. One such instance occurs in Hub City where he saves the mayor's kidnapped daughter and ties the kidnapper John Dandy to the top of a light post, leaving a question mark calling card behind. The Question is still searching for answers and seems to be convinced that Pandora and the Phantom Stranger hold the answers he seeks.[2]

The Question later appears to Dr. Thirteen and asks him what it would take for him to betray the Phantom Stranger. Dr. Thirteen then calls the Stranger and tells him that he has information regarding his kidnapped family. [3] When the Stranger arrives at the lab the Question distracts him until Dr. Thirteen is able to stab him in the back with the Spear of Destiny. The Question tells the Stranger to "just shut up and die". [4]



  • Use of Pseudoderm mask

(Charlton and O'Neil)

  • Journalism
  • Skilled martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant

(Veitch-Edwards version)

  • Shamanism

(New 52)

  • Knowledge of possible events in the past, present, and future



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