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"Be All That You Can Be...": A man walks into an army recruiting office and kills the officer there.

Quote1.png It may be that our technological civilization has created a system that dehumanizes... that creates the kind of selfishness we've just witnessed. Quote2.png
Vic Sage

Question #13 is an issue of the series Question (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1988.

Synopsis for "Be All That You Can Be..."

A man walks into an army recruiting office and kills the officer there.

Vic Sage gets a call that the Newton Avenue Bridge has collapsed. He drives out to do some reporting. While there he learns that there is a child in a station wagon at the end of the bridge in danger of falling off. Vic goes to save the kid and the car plummets into the water. He dives in and saves the kid.

The next day at Yossarion Plaza, Bravo Force prepares to give a demonstration of modern warfare. A team of four men in black turn up and challenge the 7-man Bravo Force to hand-to-hand combat to the death. The crowd thinks this is part of the show and eats it up. The black clad team kills Bravo Force and escapes via helicopter.

The Question tracks down the soldiers who comprised the black clad team and confronts them, ending up defeated by their superior numbers. When he awakens he finds himself buried neck deep. Colonel DeBeck tells the Question he wants to see how long he can stand it before he screams. Then they will kill him.

To be continued...

Appearing in "Be All That You Can Be..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Colonel DeBeck
  • Spartans

Other Characters:

  • Sergeant Ben Loomis (Dies)
  • Louis Hadley
  • KBEL Station Manager Finch
  • Brovo Force
    • Colonel Lance Otis (Dies)




  • Helicopter

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