"Harold": Harold Allnut, a hunchback child, runs away from home in Gotham City.

Quote1 I wonder where he went? The kid with the tools. I don't even know his name. Quote2
Myra Fermin

Question #33 is an issue of the series Question (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1989.

Appearing in "Harold"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Carlton "Cathy" Fregosi
  • Judge Whelperson

Other Characters:

  • Harold Allnut (First appearance)
  • Herka Allnut
  • Ziggy Allnut
  • Mrs. Phipps




Synopsis for "Harold"

Harold Allnut, a hunchback child, runs away from home in Gotham City.

After Myra Fermin picks up her daughter from the Hub City Orphanage, her car breaks down in the middle of the road. Harold arrives and fixes the car.

Meanwhile, Vic Sage is watching Judge Whelperson's place and sees him meet with criminal, Carlton "Cathy" Fregosi. The Judge tells Cathy to kill the mayor. Cathy discovers the Question spying on him and they fight. The Question is knocked out and Cathy leaves to kill Myra. The Question awakens and drives to the mayor's office.

Myra, her daughter and Harold are already at the office, where they're being pursued by a crowbar wielding Cathy. The three of them run to safety inside an elevator, but it breaks down. Harold gestures that they should escape through the elevator's trap door above. While they're standing on top of the elevator car, Cathy forces the doors open and finds it empty. He steps in and the elevator heads down, trapping him between floors. The three are now able to hop off and run down the hallway, they've escaped unharmed.

The Question finally shows up to rescue them, but Myra informs him that he is too late. No one is in danger anymore thanks to Harold. Myra's daughter gives a medal-ribbon to Harold and he wanders off into the snowy streets.


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