"...That Small Rain Down Can Rain...": A physically abused and psychologically scarred young man pours acid on his own face.

Quote1 I told him that I'd been mugged! He said we should report it to the cops... then he said "why bother?" Quote2
-- Vic Sage

Appearing in "...That Small Rain Down Can Rain..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Benno Musto
  • Junior Musto
  • Farley McVey

Other Characters:

  • Ian Angus McVey
  • Finch


  • Hub City
    • McVey Power Plant
  • Feeleyville



Synopsis for "...That Small Rain Down Can Rain..."

A physically abused and psychologically scarred young man pours acid on his own face.

Meanwhile, The Question goes to a factory accused of producing so much pollution that it's creating acid rain. He finds the guard passed out. He then dons his mask and goes to work as The Question. He finds a man bound to a chair who is being slapped around by a thug. The Question breaks through the skylight and takes down the antagonists. While fighting, the man in the chair picks up a fallen knife and stabs the Question, who then knocks out the lights and escapes out the building.

Later, the thug learns that the man he's really after lives on a farm just outside of the city and he plans to go there with his henchmen to shoot him. The thug's son, the young man who's deformed with acid, overhears the murder plot and takes it upon himself to head to the same farm and do the killing deed himself. The Question also heads to the farm after piecing together some clues. With all the players at the farm, the henchmen are quickly taken down by the Question, and the main thug blindly fires upon the front door of the farmhouse only to be killed by his own son firing back.


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